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A copywriter has to take up the task of promoting a business or a person in advertising agencies, public relations firms, etc.  He must have a good imagination and creativity and be able to produce persuasive matter.  The CV of a copy writer should reflect his creativity and ability to think out of the bag.  These resume can also be used by journalists, content writers, etc.

Sample Copy Writer CV

Elizabeth Hamilton

42 Lakeport Road

Woodseaves, Stafford, ST20 0NP.

Mobile Number: 44 822 456789

Telephone Number: 234567


Job Focus:

A desire deep within my heart to produce the perfect advertisement and work with a team of similar individuals putting their thinking caps on.  Eagerly awaiting for new opportunities to showcase my skills in jingle lyrics, taglines, brochures, postcards, greeting cards, etc.  Ready to take up freelance jobs that are challenging too.


2003-2005:  Master of Visual Communications, Keele University.

1999-2003:  Bachelor of Arts (English Literature), Stafford College.

Professional Experience:

2008-2010:  Still working for as leading copy writer with a team at the advertising firm “SeeThrough Solutions” based at Stafford, that has dealings with various prominent business establishments.

2005-2008:  Worked for the comic section of Stafford Post, independently responsible for the comic strip, “Happy Husbands.”


Various awards and citations for essays and poems at college level.

Responsible for the very popular jingle in the recent advertisement for the soap, LimeSoak.

Creative ideas provided for various bestselling greeting cards of the “Richards” variety.


Jenny’s Summer Holidays.

Computer Skills:

Diploma in computer graphics and animation.

Diploma in computer applications.


Provided on request.

One thought on “Copy Writer CV

  1. Alan

    I would like to enquire on the difference between submitting CV & resume.

    Why do some employers request CV instead, or do they actually mean resume ?
    Do i still need a cover letter to accompany CV ?
    Much is placed on finding the name when addressing in cover letter, but i noticed CV does not need to address to any person in particular.
    Thank you for addressing my concerns here.


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