Maintenance Technician CV Template

A maintenance technician is a professional who handles repairs as well as the maintenance of various machinery, equipment’s and other assets.  These individuals can work in a number of industries including plumbing, electrical, heating as well as ventilation systems. To apply for this position, one may need to frame a maintenance technician CV which forms part of the application process and must be thus strong and impressive.

To frame a maintenance technician CV, help of a maintenance technician CV template can be taken which is a ready made document that provides layout of the CV. Templates helps to frame a CV with ease and quickly.  A sample of a maintenance technician CV is given below for reference.

Sample Maintenance Technician CV Template

[Name of the Candidate]

Address of the candidate:

Phone number of the candidate:

Email address of the candidate

[give here all the personal details of the candidate or applicant]

Career objective[mention the career objective of the candidate here in brief]

Seeking a job position ___________________[complete the maintenance technician career objective]

Work experience[ mention here the work experience of the candidate here and the previous employment experiences]

  • Designation:

Company’s Name:

Years of service:

  • Designation:

Company’s Name

Years of service

  • Designation:

Company’s Name

Years of service

Academic details[give the various academic details and educational qualifications of the candidate here along with names of institutes and years of completion]

  • College  course or degree

Name of the university/college

Year of completion

Specialization(if any)

  • High School Diploma details

Name of the school

Year of completion

Subjects taken

Skills and areas of expertise[mention the various skills and areas of expertise of the candidate in this space and section]

  • [mention the various personal skills of the candidate in this space]

[mention the various technical skills of the candidate in this space]

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