Trade Importer CV Template

We all know that the job of a trade importer involves a lot of interesting operations and you can be sure that a job of this kind never gets boring. Nonetheless you have to remember that a lot of people want a job of this kind, so your resume has to be the best.

Job objective

In this part of your resume you have to be clear about what you want. In this case you want to get the job of trade importer. You should also add that you want to use your skills and to grow from a professional point of view.

Work experience

This is supposed to be the longest part of your resume. Start with the name and the details of your latest employer. Add that you coordinated the ocean and air shipments and custom brokers. You may have also handled the shipping information and kept track of all shipments.

Mention that you had to prepare the documentation of the shipments and negotiate the contract and rate. The documentation for the suppliers might have also been completed by you. Sometimes the importers have to complete the documentations for the customs broker needed for the AWB.

When it comes to this job it is important to prepare the documents and send them to the office of the companies that you are working with so that they didn’t have any problems at the airport.

Another job experience

If you had a previous job too, mention this as well. At your work you might have had to compare the documentation of NAFTA projects. It is possible that you had to determine the requirements of a given shipment.

Education and knowledge

The truth is that in this case it is important to have some experience with import letters of credit.  Import and export regulations of the U.S. are also crucial for this job and it is best if you have some knowledge regarding computer software, such as Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook.

Since data entry is important for the job, you have to have advanced skills regarding this field. It is best to have good written and oral communication skills. Don’t forget that you are constantly working with customers and this means that you need customer service skills.

There are some routine activities of the job, such as preparing administrative paperwork. You have to be able to work with confidential documents of all kinds.

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