Telecom Field Technician CV

The technicians required to operate in the field performing all sorts of managerial, organisational, repair etc. tasks for the telecommunications industry are referred to as telecom field technicians. In order to apply for this post, one should draft an effective resume showcasing their experience, qualifications and skill sets. A telecom field technician CV template provides a ready to use format for drafting a resume. A sample of such CV template is given below for reference.

Telecom Field Technician CV

[candidates full name with title]

[candidate’s contact address with area, city, state and postal code]

[candidate’s contact number/ mobile number]

[candidate’s email address]

Resume Objective:


I wish to work as a telecom field technician in an organisation where my skills and experience can be best utilised.

Educational Qualifications:


[Fill in the details of the education acquired beginning from the most recent all the way to high school education details, a sample is given in the first bullet]

  • [Year of completion]: [Name of the course/ degree or the program attended, name of the institution/ college, university and the city]
  • [repeat as above]

Skills/ Qualities:


  • [In 5 to 8 bulleted form, fill in the varied skills and qualities you possess, which are useful from the point of view of employment at the respective position.]

Professional Experience:


[Fill in the details of your previous work affiliations here, beginning from the most recent and then as follows. A sample is given in the first bullet]

  • Time period: Interned/ trained at the __________ [name of the organisation] and provided all the required assistance while gaining knowledge about the functionality of the industry.



[Fill in the details of the references you want to present in the bulleted form, as the categories are mentioned in the first bullet]

  • [name with title]

[name of the organisation/ entity]

[contact number]

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