Dental Lab Technician CV Template

A dental lab technician is an individual who is responsible for creating models for teeth and forming the mental structure of prosthetics required for teeth and gum. They also have to read prescription and specification in order to examine impressions and models and determining the design of dental products. It is the dental lab technician who fabricates, alters and repairs dental devices like dentures, crowns etc required to straighten teeth.

An individual aspiring to work as a dental lab technician must have an eye for details and basic medical knowledge. It is essential to get the structure right while preparing the resume and in order to do so the applicant can follow a dental lab technician CV template.

Sample Dental Lab Technician CV Template


Name of the applicant: ______________

Correspondence address of the applicant: _________________________________

Contact number of the applicant: _______________

Mobile phone number: _________________

Email id: _________________

Certification and academic qualification:

•           Obtained ___________[ name of the degree] in ________[ field in which degree is obtained] from _____________________ [name of the university] in the year ________________ [year of obtaining the degree]

•           Received certification from __________________ [name of the certifying body] in the year ________________ [year of certification]

Professional achievements:

•           __________________

•           _________________

•           _____________________

•           _____________________

[summarize all the achievements made by the applicant professionally]

Other information:

Hobbies and interest: ____________

Languages known: ________________

[mention all the hobbies and interests pursued by the applicant]

Professional Background:

Currently working in the position of a dental lab technician in ______________________ [name of the organization] since ________________ [date of joining] where I

•           ___________________

•           ________________________

•           _______________________

•           _______________________

[mention in details all the job responsibilities of the candidate]

Professional Reference:

  • ___________________ [name of the person], __________________ [designation of the person], ____________________ [organization in which the person is working]
  • ___________________ [name of the person], __________________ [designation of the person], ____________________ [organization in which the person is working]

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