Clinical Laboratory Technician CV Template

Clinical Laboratory Technicians are also sometimes called as medical technicians because they work in medical laboratories doing tests for a variety of patients.  These tests are done with laboratory equipment and apparatus.  Clinical Laboratory Technicians may work in hospitals or clinics and even in separate medical laboratories.  They run the tests according to doctor requests.  These tests may use samples of blood and urine and use sterile instruments for testing.

Sample Clinical Laboratory Technician CV Template

Martin Webley

Houghton Street

London, WC2A 5AE

Phone:  234-776-1111


I am a highly qualified and dedicated Clinical Laboratory Technician who is aspiring to find a position where my skills in medical testing in the laboratory may be used to achieve company goals.

Summary of Qualification

  • Three years of work experience as a Clinical Laboratory Technician
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • High degree of running medical tests for accordingly to the request
  • Proficient with the use of medical and laboratory equipment and facilities
  • High proficiency in recording results and updating whenever necessary

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – Present:  Assistant School Business Manager, Washington Academy

  • Collected blood and urine samples and run tests according to doctor’s request
  • Promptly run the tests and labeled them correctly for patient and doctor use
  • Did blood typing and identification of virus and/or bacteria
  • Prepared slides of body tissue for examination using freezing and heating
  • Kept records of tests and updated patient records when necessary
  • Worked well with the different departments for following protocols in sample collection and transfer


2003 – 2006:  Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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