Technical Services Manager CV Template

A technical services manager is an individual who is in charge of looking after all the activities of the technical department of an organization. They have to ensure that the members of that department look after and upgrade the technical equipments of the organization. They also train the new members joining the technical department in order to develop them into professionals.

It is needed that an individual aspiring to work as a technical services manager must have excellent technical skills as well as ability to work within budget. These points need to be mentioned in CV of the individual. A technical services manager CV template is a document that helps to draft an accurate resume.

Sample Technical Services Manager CV Template


[Provide correct data about the individual pertaining to his personal background]

Name: __________

Address: Street address __________  City ______________ State _____________ Post code _________

Contact Number: __________

Email id: __________


An individual with excellent technical skills with __________________ years of [number of years] work experience of managing technical department and heading members of the department. I possess excellent managerial skills with the ability to ensure that a job is done within the available budget.

Core Competencies:

  • ________________
  • __________________
  • _________________
  • _________________

[mention in details the competencies of the individual that will help him in the job]

Academic Qualification:

  • _________[ name of the degree] in __________________ [field of specialization] from __________________ [name of the university] in the year _________________ [year of completion of degree]
  • _________[ name of the degree] in __________________ [field of specialization] from __________________ [name of the university] in the year _________________ [year of completion of degree]

Employment outline: [Provide an employment summary of the candidate]

I have worked in the position of a technical services manager for a duration of _________ [indicate the duration of service] at ________ [state name of organization] where:

  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________

[mention in details all the job duties performed by the individual at the organization]

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