Technical Developer CV Template

A technical developer is an individual who is responsible for developing a program, process or software for day to day use of the organization. They need to be technically very sound and at the same time have excellent ability to meet deadline and understand the process. They have to do development work in such a manner so that it meets the standard and procedures of the company.

A technical developer also needs to have great troubleshooting ability. He needs to prepare a resume that should impress the recruiter. He can take the help of a technical developer CV template in order to understand the structure in which he needs to draft the CV.

Sample Technical developer CV template

Personal details:

Name: _____________________

Address: Street address ___________________ City ______________ State _______________ Post code ________________

Landline number: _______________

Mobile phone number: ________________

Email id: ________________

Date of birth: _______________

Marital status: ______________

Nationality: _______________ [country of which the candidate holds passport]

Career Goal:

To work in the position of a technical developer in a reputed organization where I can apply my technical skills in order to excel in my job position and work towards the growth of the organization.

Skills and abilities:

  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • ____________________
  • ______________________

[mention in details all the skills and abilities possessed by the candidate]

Educational Qualification:

Name of the degree or course pursued Year of pursuing the degree Educational institute from which the degree or the course was pursued
_________________ _________________ _________________
_________________ ___________________ ________________

Computer knowledge:

I have knowledge in ____________________________________ [mention in details all the computer programs and software].

Work experience:

  • Currently working in the position of a ____________ [type of technical developer position] in ______________ [name of the organization] since __________________ [date of joining the organization]. I am responsible for _____________________________________ [mention in details the various job functions of the individual]

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