Visual Arts Teacher CV Template

A visual arts teacher is one who teaches the various art forms to students in a school with the help of visual media. The visual arts teacher has many responsibilities to fulfill such as maintain visual art forms in electronic form, display visual arts forms to students according to pre-determined time frames, enhance visual learning experience for students by introducing new methods of teaching etc. A sample visual arts teacher CV template as given below can only provide the best idea of how to write a great CV.

Sample Visual Arts Teacher CV Template

Visual Arts Teacher Name

  • Address of Visual arts teacher
  • Email address of Visual arts teacher
  • Contact number of Visual arts teacher

» Profile

I am a very creative and dedicated visual arts teacher in the profession for the past five years. I ensure to maintain teaching standards for students at all times by enhancing their learning experience through awareness, motivation and improving confidence levels.

» Education

  • University Name

Bachelors in Arts, Year of completion

  • University Name

B.Ed. in Visual Arts, Year of completion

  • School Name

Year of completion

» Skills

  • Can plan and facilitate action plan for visual art workshops.
  • Can experiment with various forms of arts and also teach the same to students.
  • Extensive leadership qualities to guide students accordingly.
  • Skilled in various designing art forms.
  • Good perception of various art forms.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • ________________________________
  • __________________________________
  • _________________________

» Work Experience

Name of School

Teacher Position, from – to

  • Implement newly devised lesson plans.
  • Provide excellent learning environment for students
  • Conduct art workshops along with students to promote various art forms.
  • _________________________________
  • _________________________________

Name of School

Teacher Position, from – to

  • Provide membership to various art clubs for students.
  • Run magazine in the school that publishes art works and achievements of students.
  • _________________________________
  • _________________________________
  • _________________________________

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