Visual Art Teacher CV Template

A visual arts teacher is an individual teaching students the subject art or visual art in a school or an art school. They have to adopt methods of teaching and materials used for instruction in order to meet the need of the course. They may also have to attend educational conferences and training workshops in order to improve professional capabilities.

It is also the duty of the visual art teacher to maintain accurate records of the student. The format of the resume of an individual applying for the position of a visuals art teacher needs to be appropriate and in order to do so he can refer to a visual arts teacher CV template.

Sample Visual art teacher CV template

Personal details:

Name: _____________________

Address: Street address ___________________ City ______________ State _______________ Post code ________________

Landline number: _______________

Mobile phone number: ________________

Email id: ________________

Date of birth: _______________

Marital status: ______________

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts with specialization from ____________________ [name of the business school] in the year _______________ [year of completion of degree]
  • Underwent diploma course in teacher’s training from ______________ [name of the training institute] in the year ____________ [year of completion of training]

Freelance art work: [details of various freelance work done related to the field of art]

  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • ____________________
  • ______________________

Work experience:

  • Currently working in the position of a visual arts teacher in _____________________ [name of the school] since __________________ [date of joining the school]. I am responsible for _____________________________________ [mention in details the various job functions of the individual]
  • Worked as ____________________ [designation type] in _____________ [name of the organization] from __________________ [date of joining] to _____________ [date of leaving] where I have to _____________________________________ [mention in details the various job functions of the individual]

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