Nursery Teacher CV Template

A nursery teacher is one who teaches children at a primary level in a school. The nursery teacher is required to help young children develop knowledge and motor skills for better growth and understanding of new things in life. Some of the duties fulfilled by a nursery teacher are develop lesson plans, teach children as per prescribed syllabus, provide good environment for learning, meet parents and inform progress of children, induce play group children for camps, maintain student records etc.

Ideally a sample nursery teacher CV template that has been provided here under gives a fair idea about devising a good CV.

Sample Nursery Teacher CV Template

Applicant Name

Applicant Address



(The personal information of the applicant should be provided to enable the employer contact when necessary as provided above here)


(The applicant has to provide a personal profile of the career which provides the employer an idea about the abilities of the applicant)

I have a lot of zeal and enthusiasm for working with small children to provide good overall development in them and nurture their creativity and liveliness.


(The educational background of the applicant should be provided so that employer understands the training levels of the applicant)

Name of the course/degree

Name of University

Graduation year and month


(The skills show the strengths of the applicant and are necessary to be hired by an employer)

Skilled in Training Nursery children Smartness to handle small children well

Ability to work in a team Possess strong commitment for work

___________________________ _____________________________


(The experience levels of the applicant mentioned here help in understanding the working knowledge of the applicant by the employer)

School Name

Experience possessed from ________ to

Description of job


School Name

Experience possessed from ________ to

Description of job


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