Maths Teacher CV Template

A maths teacher is one who teaches the mathematics subject to students in a school. The role of a maths teacher is very important as it is the foundation of every field that a student wishes to choose. The duties that are performed by a maths teacher are prepare courseware, organize and prepare exam papers in maths, engage students to learn maths in a positive manner, lesson planning and delivery of lesson with in stipulated time etc.

A maths teacher can take help from the sample maths teacher CV template that has been provided here below to build a good CV.

Sample Maths Teacher CV Template


Email id of the candidate

Contact number of the candidate

Mailing address of the candidate


I am an exceptional maths teacher who has years of experience in teaching and possess the needed ability to enthuse students to learn and enjoy maths without any fear


Current Job Designation, Name of the School, From – To

I have worked as a math teacher in this school and have undertaken teaching in all math concepts such as algebra, geometry, probability etc to higher class students.

Previous Job Designation, Name of the School, From – To

I have worked as a math teacher for primary school children and ensured to stimulate their math learning experience by teaching in an interactive manner.


I am a good organizer and possess excellent time management skills.

I can plan and set lesson plans appropriately.

Great Attitude to enforce discipline among students.

Possess a strong teaching ability to all groups of students.

Possess positive attitude towards work and students.

Possess good communication skills to interact with parents, teacher and students well.


University Name,

Year of Study

Bachelors in Mathematics


Both professional and personal are available and shall be provided on the request of the prospective employer.

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