Drama Teacher CV Template

A drama teacher is one who teaches the art of drama in a school. The drama teacher helps the students in a school to improve their drama and skit performance skills in a professional manner. The drama teacher has many responsibilities such as teach various art and drama forms to students, narrate stories in a dramatic manner, help students perform live on the stage by reducing their fears, train students in voice modulation etc.

A drama teacher CV has to be simple yet professional similar to the sample drama teacher CV template provided below.

Sample Drama Teacher CV Template





I possess astute skills as a dram instructor and would love to become a drama teacher so that I can make best use of my art skills to impart it to students who have penchant for art and drama as well..


Possess excellent experience of drama and play

Posses the zeal to become a good drama teacher

I am an expert in analyzing the emotions and character of students.

Possess good script writing skills.

Good dialogue delivery and coordination skills.

Good memory power to remember dialogues without any difficulty.

Believe in team work and interdependence of people for drama success.


Current employer service period

Present Designation and Key responsibilities :-

Train students in various types of drama.

Present students with appropriate style of voice reception and dialogue delivery

Previous Employer service period

Previous Designation and Key responsibilities :-

Perform various roles on stage

Recite dialogues easily in coordination with other actors


Name of the University year of passing

Bachelors in Fine Arts

Personal Information Present Mailing address Marital Status

Date of Birth Nationality


Name of the reference, Address of the reference, email id of reference

Name of the reference, Address of the reference, email id of reference

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