Chemistry Faculty CV Template

A chemistry faculty is a member of the college or the university who is responsible for teaching the subject of Chemistry to the students. A chemistry faculty may work in various positions including professor, assistant professor and others. The individual applying for this position must have thorough knowledge of the subject and must have good teaching skills.

In order to draft an effective résumé for this job position a chemistry faculty CV template proves to be of great use. The template is a ready to use document that defines the format in which these types of resumes must be drafted.

Sample Chemistry Faculty CV Template


Chemistry Faculty CV

Personal details:

Name of the applicant: __________

Residential address: Street address ______________ City ____________ State ___________ Post code ______________

Residential phone number: _______________

Cell phone number: _______________

Email id: ________________

Date of birth: _____________

Nationality: ______________ [country of which the individual holds a passport]

Languages known: ____________

Hobbies and interests: _____________


To obtain a position in the Chemistry faculty of a college or a University and apply my ________________ [skills and knowledge that the applicant wants to apply] and also perform my duties efficiently and help the organization to grow.

Abilities and skills:

  • Good teaching skills
  • Thorough knowledge of the subject
  • ___________________
  • __________________
  • ____________________
  • ______________________

[mention all the abilities and skills possessed by the applicant]

Educational Qualifications: [ This section provides the details of the educational qualifications of the candidate]

Name of Degree/Diploma Name of the College/University Year of Passing Marks Obtained
XXXXX XXXXX yyyy ________%
XXXXX XXXXX yyyy ________%
XXXXX XXXXX yyyy ________%

Professional experience:

  1. Chemistry faculty, from ________________ [date of joining] to ______________ [date of leaving]

___________________ [name of the college or University]

  • _______________
  • _________________
  • _____________________

[mention all the job functions]

  1. As a lecturer in Chemistry from ________________ [date of joining] to ______________ [date of leaving]

___________________ [name of the employer organization]

  • _______________
  • _________________
  • _____________________

[mention all the job functions]


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