Adjunct Professor CV Template

An adjunct professor is also known as an assistant professor  whose duty is to conduct lectures of undergraduate courses, arrange practical sessions  for students, use all the available teaching aids in the college to convey subject matters to students. They may also have to sometime motivate students and try to solve the problems of the students.

An adjunct professor CV template is a document that needs to be followed by an individual applying for the job position of an adjunct professor. The template helps him to prepare his resume by giving an understanding of the points and aspects to be highlighted in his resume.

Sample Adjunct Professor CV Template

________________ [name of the individual]

________________________________________ [address of the individual]

________________ [contact number]

______________  [mobile number]

______________ [email id]

Career Objective:

To work in the position of an adjunct professor and apply my teaching knowledge and make best use of my _____________________ [mention in details the skills that the individual wants to apply] for the benefit of the organization.

Professional experience:

  • _____________________ [organization in which he is currently working] in the position of  an adjunct professor since ______________ [date of joining the organization] where my job functions are:





  • ___________________________ [organization in which he worked previously] as ______________ [designation in the organization] from ___________________ [date of joining the organization] till ____________________ [date of leaving the organization] where:

[specify all the job functions of the individual]

Extracurricular activities:




[mention the various extracurricular activities that are significant to his job position]

Skill sets:




[mention the various skills possessed by the individual]

Educational qualification:

Name of the educational institution Name of the degree or course Year of completion of the degree
_____________ ___________________ ________________
_______________ __________________ ______________

Other information:

Date of birth: ____________

Marital status: _____________

Gender: ________________

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