Student Counselor CV Template

A student counselor is an individual who is responsible for helping students in order to tackle various problems faced by the students in planning study programs, choosing the correct path of career, concentrating in studies etc. They are responsible for ensuring that the students have a smooth academic journey and are successful in life.

They give advice to students, which results in progress and growth of the students. In order to get a job in the position of a student counselor an applicant must highlight his abilities and strong points that would be relevant for the job. Following a student counselor CV template will help the applicant to draft a proper resume.

Sample Student Counselor CV template

___________________ [name of the applicant]

Summary of Profile:

I am seeking for the position of a student counselor in a reputed educational institute and use my __________________ [number of years or months] of experience in this position for the benefit of the students ensuring an all round progress and growth of the student.

Personal details:

__________________________________________ [address of the applicant]

___________________ [residential contact number]

______________ [mobile phone number]

_____________ [email id]

_____________________ [date of birth]

_________________ [marital status]

Skill sets:




[mention all the possible skills sets possessed by the applicant that would be are significant for this job position]

Educational qualification:

Name of the Degree/Course Field of Specialization Name of the University/Institute Year of passing
XXXX XXXXXX XXXX ___________
XXXX XXXXXX XXXX ___________
XXXX XXXXXX XXXX ___________

Key strengths:




[mention all the strong points of the applicant as a professional]

Professional experience:

  • Currently working in the position of a student counselor in _______________ [name of the institute] since ____________________ [date of joining] where I




[mention in details the job functions and responsibilities]


Will be available on request

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