Graphic Design Student CV Template

A graphic design student is an individual pursuing a course in graphic designing and planning to make a career in the field of graphic designing. They are usually trained to design logos, advertisements, brochures with the help of various designing software. Learning VFX, animation and non linear video editing is also a part of the course of a graphic design student.

A graphic design student usually has no work experience, so in order to make an impressive resume they need focus on their skills and mention the strong points that will help them to achieve in their job. In order to make the resume appropriate he needs to follow the structure in a graphic design student CV template.

Sample Graphic design student CV template

Name of the individual: ___________                                           Date of birth: _______________

Contact details: [mention the appropriate details where the individual can be contacted]

Correspondence  address line 1

Correspondence  address line 2
Contact number

E mail id

Career goal:

To make a career as a successful graphic designer in the field of _________________ [the exact industry type in which the individual aspires to work] and make a name for myself by achieving professional growth.

Software knowledge: [make a list of all the designing software in which the individual has knowledge and can apply in his graphic designing work]

  • ___________________
  • ____________________
  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

Skills: [various skills possessed by the individual that will help in his job]

  • Excellent creative flair
  • Strong visual sense
  • Ability to work with all kinds of designing software
  • ______________
  • _________________
  • ____________________

Educational qualifications:

Currently pursuing Bachelors of arts in graphic designing from __________________ [name of the institute]

Internship details:

Did ______________ [number of months or year] internship with ________________ [name of the organization]

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