Finance Student CV Template

A finance candidate is one who has acquired expertise in the field of finance through education and is applying for employment in the finance sector. The finance student candidate is a fresher and therefore the profile of the candidate only has summer work experience and more about educational qualifications and skills. The finance student candidate is required perform some of the duties that provide good exposure to working in the finance field such as financial reconciliation, financial statements analysis, assisting finance officers in preparation of statements and reports etc.

A finance student CV template can be best used by a finance student candidate who is looking for a similar profile to start the professional course in life.

Sample Finance Student CV Template

Job Aspirant Name Should be specified here


Specify address of the job aspirant here

Phone number of the job aspirant here

Email address of the job aspirant here


SUMMARY I am a responsible, punctual, and very dependable person with acquired management skills that will certainly help me to outshine in the finance professional path.


Name of School

Cumulative Grades

Year of Passing


Name of University

Cumulative Grades

Year of Passing

Course Specifications(The job aspirant should mention specialization and name of educational qualification here)


  • Organization Name :

Job Role Service Period

Duties Fulfilled : ________




  • Attended Piano lessons From – To
  • Attended Karate till Black Belt Level From – To
  • ______________________________ From – To
  • ______________________________ From – To


  • Possess very good follow up skills.
  • A very strong ethical person.
  • Good interpersonal skills that help smooth work flow in the organization at all times.
  • Good computer literacy.
  • Very good numerical and analytical ability.
  • A hardworking person filled with motivation to achieve greater heights in career.
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________



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