Business Student CV Template

A business student is one who has just completed education in business administration and is seeking a suitable employment. A business student is expected to possess high levels of knowledge in business administration apart from skills to succeed in a business environment.

The business student needs to be willing to perform many duties in the initial period of employment and some of them are analyze business needs, provide better business solutions, assist senior management person in day to day activities etc.

A business student CV template that has been provided below here can be most useful to candidates seeking a similar position.

Sample Business Student CV Template

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Want to take up a career in business management given my educational background and astute skills acquired through hard work and dedication.


  • Name of the University

Name of education undertaken

Date of acquiring education or tentative date of completion

Honors received

Brief description of course work

  • Name of the School

Date of acquiring school degree

Honors received

Previous Work Experience

• Students Honors Internship Program

Name of the organization where internship undertaken

Year and month of internship student training program

Brief description of duties as an intern


  • Good analytical thinking skills
  • Good work ethics and discipline at work
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Good critical thinking skills
  • Amicable to work with any grou
  • Ability to organize work well
  • A very quick learner
  • Good intellectual capabilities to understand various business scenarios
  • ______________________________
  • ______________________________
  • ______________________________
  • ______________________________


  • Have been part of many marathon competitions.
  • Enjoy fishing and sea sports.
  • Participated in college level billiard championships.


  • Can provide references both personal and professional according to the requirement of the employer.

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