Sales Professional CV Template

A sales professional is an individual whose job is to expertise in the field of selling goods at best possible price and get as many customers as possible in order to meet the given sales target. He may also sometimes have to make a survey, give quotations to customers or client organizations in order to help them to buy his goods. In the resume of an applicant for the job position of a sales professional, he must show his past achievements and future prospects in such a way that it impresses the interviewer and he gets the job. Thus he has to refer to a sales professional CV template so that he knows how to emphasize his knowledge in the resume.

Sample Sales Professional CV Template


                                                            Sales professional CV

I am a hard working individual with ___________________ [mention the number of years or months of work experience] in the field of _______ [mention the field type] who possesses __________________________ [mention in details the related skill sets possessed by the individual]

Personal information:

Name of the applicant: ___________

Address: Street address _______________ City ______________ State _____________ Post code ___________

Contact number: ___________

Mobile phone number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

Date of birth: _____________-

Educational qualification:

  • Completed graduation in [name of the degree and subject] from ________________ [name of the educational institution] on ________________ [date of completing graduation]
  • Provide the details of other courses/degrees and diplomas completed by the candidate.

Work experience:

  • Worked in the position of a sales professional in _______________ [name of the employer organization] from _______________ [joining date] till _______________ [date of leaving the organization] where my job functions were as following:
  1. __________________
  2. ___________________
  3. ____________________

[state all the respective job functions performed by the individual in that particular job position]


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