Sales Advisor CV Template

A Sales advisor is an employee of a company who works in the sales department and is responsible for advising the company about the sales related strategies and programs. Any individual who is interested in becoming a sales advisor in a company must prepare a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) for himself. This document must consist of all the details of the applicant such as his name, residential address, contact information, gender, age, date of birth etc. along with his qualifications and skills which make him suitable for the position of a sales advisor. If you wish to consult a CV template for framing your own CV, then the following given sample will be really helpful for you.

Sample Sales Advisor CV Template:

Curriculum vitae

Applicant’s name:

                                                                Residential Address:

Phone number:

Email address:

Date of Birth:

                                              [specify the personal details of the candidate in this part of the CV]

Statement of purpose:

An exceptionally talented, skilled and creative individual looking for the job of a sales advisor in a reputed organization so that I can ________________ [mention the career goal of the individual]. I wish to contribute my skills of ________ [mention skills of the individual].

Academical Background:

  • Passed high school from _______ [name of the school] in the year _________ [mention year of passing].
  • Bachelor’s degree in _____ [name of subject/field] from _________ [name of the institute] in the year_________ [mention year of passing].
  • ____________[mention the other degrees or diplomas earned by the applicant]

Professional Experience:

  • Worked as _________ [enter the name of the job title] at ________________ [name of the organization where the applicant has worked] from ____ to _____ [enter time period].
  • Also served as _______ [mention the job position] in ________ [name of organization where the applicant has worked] from ______ to ________ [enter time period].


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