Sales Administrator CV Template

Sales administrator is personnel who assist the sales team of the organization in organizing their sales schedules and plans. Preparing documents related to sales, advising on projects and suggesting proposal, looking into the sales and revenue figures, preparing reports and also dealing with customers are some of their main duties.

They should have a good hand over the communication and time management skills to be efficient in their work sphere. They are also known as the sale support administrator and work under the top executives of the sales department.

Sample Sales Administrator CV Template


Name of the Candidate:

Date of Birth:

Contact Number:

Email Address:

Residential Address:

Present status of employment:

(Mention the personal details of the applicant)

Professional Goals

I possess an excellent hand over the managerial and leadership skills and would like to use these to enrich your organization in achieving its objective and in the same time accomplish my personal goals by reconciling them with the company’s goals. (Give a detail regarding your career goals).

Personal Skills (Give the elaborate description about your personal qualities which you think will help you in getting this job)

  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________

Academic Background and Training (Provide details regarding the educational qualification and training practices of the candidate)

  • High school diploma from _______________(Name the institute)
  • Graduate in ____________(Name the course) from __________(Name the institute)
  • Higher education from _____________(Name of the university) in _________(Mention the subject)
  • _______________(Specify if any further education or course perused.)
  • Trained in ______________(Mention the field) under the supervision of _____________(Specify the name of the person under which trained) in ___________(name the company) for ______(years or months).

Professional Experience (Specify the previous job experience undertaken by the candidate)

  • Worked in ___________(Company name) as a ____________(job designation) for ________(Time period) and performed _____________(mention the specific duties).

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