Real estate broker CV template

A real estate broker is an individual who is also referred to as a real estate agent and acts as a bridge between the owner of a real estate and the buyer. He is responsible for getting buyers for a property and issuing sale of the property and also sometimes mentioning the price of the property to the buyer as advised by the owner. He usually gets a commission for the property sold which is known as his brokerage. The resume of a prospective real estate broker needs to highlight his experience and rapport building skills with the buyer. A real estate broker CV template is an ideal document that an applicant can refer to while preparing his resume.

Sample Real estate broker CV template

Real Estate Broker CV

________________ [name of the individual]

________________________________________ [address of the individual]

________________ [contact number]

______________  [mobile number]

______________ [email id]

Career Objective:

To work in the position of a real estate broker and apply my knowledge in the field of real estates and make best use of my _____________________ [mention in details the skills that the individual wants to apply] for the benefit of the organization.

Professional experience:

•           _____________________ [name of the real estate organization in which he is currently working] in the position of  an real estate broker since ______________ [date of joining the organization] where my job functions are:





•           ___________________________ [organization in which he worked previously] as ______________ [designation in the organization] from ___________________ [date of joining the organization] till ____________________ [date of leaving the organization] where:




[specify all the job functions of the individual]

Educational qualification:

Name of the educational institution Name of the degree or course Year of completion of the degree
___________________ _________________ ________________

Other information:

Date of birth: ____________

Marital status: _____________

Gender: ________________

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