Research Volunteer CV Template

The work of research volunteer typically involves helping research scholars, scientists and other research professionals in their work. In most cases, the work is done sans any remuneration though the volunteer is sometimes offered a stipend at the end of his tenure. The most common functions of a research volunteer involves handling general official duties and proving an overall administrative support that include handling mails and answering telephone calls, assisting with manuscript/grant preparation including formatting and editing the work. The volunteer also functions various other functions and the research volunteer CV template helps create an impression for the post.

Sample Research Volunteer CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Name of the applicant


Email id, Contact number


To work as a research volunteer in scientific and academic projects and make a sustainable contribution to the betterment of the society at large and eke a career in science and education.


  • Passed senior school from ___________ (name of the institution) in the year ____________, with ___________ (marks percentage).
  • Passed high school from ___________ (name of the institution] in the year ____________, with ___________ (marks percentage).
  • Graduated in ______________ (mention the subject you majored in) from ______ ___________ (name of the college or university), in the year___________, with percentage of marks.
  • _________________ (specify any professional qualifications that you may have acquired following your graduation).
  • ____________________ (specify additional educational degree, if any, that has been earned by you).


(In this particular section mention the names of all the scientific, academic or other organizations where you have worked as a research volunteer. You can also give a summary of the work done by you. Mention the tenure of service for each of your experiences).


(Give details of the seminars, conferences, workshops etc. that you may have attended. Enclose the certification of participation earned from these events).

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