Research Undergraduate CV Template

Though a research undergraduate job may sound very assuming, the fact is that these people are considered as an integral part of the whole research process. It hardly needs any mention that research plays a key role in a variety of fields that include science and technology, healthcare and medicine, business and finance and various other economical and social sectors.

A research undergraduate can be recruited at any stage of the research project. He is basically entrusted with work like collecting and formatting data. There are of course several other duties that he could be asked to perform. A sample research undergraduate CV template helps such a candidate in securing the job.

Sample Research Undergraduate CV Template

Name of the candidate:

Residential address:

Address for communication:

Phone number:

Date of Birth:


Career Objectives

Currently pursuing graduation I am interested in making a career as a researcher in _____ ___________ (specify the field), while furthering my education. I am a keen learner and a hardworking person.

Details of Education

  • Pursuing graduation from _____________________(name of the institution), in __ ________________ (name of the stream).
  • Passed high school in the year ___________, from _____________________ (name of the institution). Selective subjects were ________________ (mention your core subjects)
  • Passed junior school in the year ___________, from _____________________ (name of the institution).

Extra Curricular Activities

Participated in ______________________ (name of the event)  at ____________ (specify the level i.e. local, regional or national) and earned _________________ (mention the distinction that you achieved. If not, then state that you have earned the certificate of participation).

[Add to this section if you have excelled in more extra curricular activities.]


(Mention your hobbies and interests in this section. Make sure you include only the ones you’re serious about. Many research activities are known to stem from hobbies).

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