Research Student CV Template

Research student assistantship has emerged as one of the most pertinent ways of learning about the area that’s supposed to be your profession following your graduation. The position usually offers a student an opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge in various fields of research. A research student job opportunity is mostly offered by university, accredited research bodies and academic institutions.

There are several institutions that offer a certificate or recognition after the student successfully completes the research. The research student CV template is ideally designed for students who have just completed their graduation.

Sample Research Student CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details


Permanent Address:

Communication Address:

Contact Number:

Career Objectives

I have just completed my graduation and would like to gain experience for the field of work that I have chosen so that I can later shine in my profession. I am a keen learner who is always eager to go tread that extra mile to learn something.

Educational Qualification

Post-graduate degree in ___________ (mention your stream) from _________________ (name of the university in __________ (the year of passing).

University degree in ______________  (mention your stream) from ________________ (name of the college or university) in __________ (the year of passing).

Passed high school from _________________________ (name of the institute) in the year _________.

Passed junior school from _________________________ (name of the institute) in the year _________.

Computer Knowledge

Have acquired knowledge in ____________, ____________, ____________(mention the software and/or programming language and/or applications in which you have acquired computer knowledge. include the certifications you received in this regard).

Vocational Training

(Several colleges and universities impart such training to students. If you have undergone any such training you can include them in this section).

Seminars Attended

(Mention any scientific or other seminar that you may have attended. If not, then don’t include this part in your CV.)

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