Research Coordinator CV Template

Research coordinators are usually entrusted with the logistics and the management coordination part of any research project. Such professionals usually approach research from the organizational point of view. They collect, analyze and interpret data, besides incorporating other important materials in them.

They play quite a diverse role in the research activities and they are adequately reflected in the research coordinator CV template. Research coordinators are employed in various industries, including science and technology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Many of them also work as independent professionals and are hired by leading firms. The career is stressful but rewarding nonetheless.

Sample Research Coordinator CV Template

Name of the applicant:.

Address ____________

Contact Number ____________

Date of Birth ____________

Email ____________

Nationality ____________

Career goals: I have all the requisite qualifications to become a research coordinator as would be evident from my below mentioned details. I hold values and ethics in high esteem.

Present employment: Working as research coordinator (change the designation is the same is given another title by your present employee) in ________________ (name of the organization) from _______ (month) ______ year. Work involves _________________ (mention the core duties).

Previous employment

(state all the details of your earlier employment)

  • Worked as __________ (name of the designation) in __________ (name of the organization) from _____ (month) ______ (year) to _____ (month) ______ (year). Work involved ______________.
  • Worked as __________ (name of the designation) in __________ (name of the organization) from _____ (month) ______ (year) to _____ (month) ______ (year). Work involved ______________

Educational qualification

(in the reverse chronological order)

  • Graduated from ____________ (name of the institution) in __________ (year) with _________ (percentage of marks), in __________________ (the subject you majored in).
  • Passed high school from ______________ (name of the institution) in ______________ (year) with _____________ (percentage of marks).

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