Purchasing Supply CV Template

The work of purchasing supply professional comprises facilitating and coordinating the acquisitions of products and services of an organization. The common duties that are delegated include reviewing the requests as well as authorizing the purchase of common products needed to run the company smoothly. Given below is a purchasing supply CV template that can be filled in to make a complete resume.

Sample Office Engineer CV Template


Name of the candidate:


Contact number:


Date of Birth:

[Mention in details all the personal data of the candidate]

Career Objectives:

I have all the requisite skills for handling all the job duties that would be entrusted to me. I have thorough knowledge of the purchase process of an organization and also familiar with handling purchase cells of individual departments. Besides, _____________ [elaborate on the career objectives that you would like to attain and convince the employer that you are perfect candidate for the designation]

Educational Qualification:

  • Graduated in __________________ [name of the stream] in year _______ from _____________ [name of the university or college]
  • Passed junior school from ___________ [name of the institution] in the year ____________
  • Passed high school from _____________[name of the institution] in year
  • _________________ [specify any other professional qualifications that you may have acquired following your engineering degree]
  • _________________  [specify any additional educational degree, if any, that has been earned by the candidate]

Professional Expertise:

[In this particular section the name of all the organizations where you were previously employed must be mentioned along with the tenure of the employment and the professional duties discharged. The years of employment must also be mentioned]

Worked as ____________[name of the designation] at ________________ [the organization where you have worked] from month _____ year ____ to month _____ year ____

  • ________________
  • ________________

[specify all the duties that you had performed in each organization]

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