Purchasing Specialist CV Template

The purchasing specialist assesses and purchases equipment and supply for an organization. The work is usually performed under the supervision of seniors in the administration. The job calls for independent judgment and initiatives for preparing and reviewing specifications. The professional must have a through knowledge of the purchase policies of the company. The purchasing specialist CV template will help him to showcase his qualifications and experience.

Sample Purchase Specialist CV Template

Resume of Purchase Specialist


Name of the Candidate:

Phone Number of the Candidate:

Address of the Candidate:

Current status of Employment: (do not include this line if the candidate is presently unemployed or if he/she is a fresher)

Date of birth of the candidate:


My career goals involve assisting the management in the best possible way. While serving the company I want to further my career as well by equipping myself with all the necessary experience.




(From year to year)

Name of the Organization/Institution

(While specifying your work experience, do so in the reverse chronological order. Your current employment would be mentioned first and it’ll go back to your first employment. Add more rows to the table if you have more work experience.)


(In this section mention the job responsibilities that have been discharged by you. Mention the core areas of functionality. Also mention any employee awards that you may have earned as recognition of your work.)


Name of the degree acquired

Year of passing

Name of the institution

Percentage of marks obtained


Have acquired knowledge in ______________ (state the particular subject in which you have acquired the training) from ____________________ (name of the institution/organization where you have undergone the training).


(State the details of your hobbies and interests. Try to include only those that genuinely interest you. Some employers often ask for certificates, if any, that you may have got.)

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