Purchasing Coordinator CV Template

The purchasing coordinator of a company evaluates and analyses the requisition forms submitted by various vendors and ensures that the purchases are as per the requirements. He also communicates personally with the personnel of various departments and points out all discrepancies with regard to placing of the purchase orders. He communicates with vendors for interpreting, clarifying and resolving purchase-related issues. For guidance on making a related consider the following sample purchasing coordinator CV template.

Sample Purchasing Coordinator CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Full name of the applicant:

Contact address of the applicant:

Date of Birth (in mm-dd-yyyy format):

Present status of employment of the applicant:

Marital status of the applicant:


The objective of my career is to secure a position as a purchasing coordinator in your esteemed company where I would be able to put to good use the skills of __________ (state the qualities that you posses so as to claim yourself as the best candidate for the

job) as well as apply the work experience that I have gathered for furthering the goals of the company.


  • Obtained a graduate degree from _____________________ (name of the college or university), with a major in ____________________ (name of the subject) in ______ (specify the year).
  • Passed high school from _____________________(name of the institution) in ________ (specify the year) and secured __________ (state the percentage of the marks.
  • Passed junior school from _____________________(name of the institution) in ________ (specify the year) and secured __________ (state the percentage of the marks.


Obtained certification is ___________________ (name the course) in _______ (specify the area) in __________ (mention the year).

[If you have other professional qualification, mention them as well].


[Mention all the skills and competencies that you feel would enhance the prospects of your job].


[Clearly mention all your previous work experience, their respective tenures and the designation in the company that you held.]

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