Purchasing Administrator CV Template

The role of the purchasing administer is of great importance in the purchasing department of the organization. He is often the professional in charge of the department and sees whether purchases have been made as per the specifications and whether the purchased inventory is being dispatched to the intended departments. This sample purchasing administrator CV template outlines the details to be incorporated in the resume of such a professional.

Sample Purchasing Administrator CV Template

Name of the candidate/applicant:

Residential or Local Address:

Mobile/landline number:

Date of Birth: (in dd-mm-yyyy format)

Email id:


I possess all the necessary skills that are required for executing the job duties entrusted to me. Besides, I have played a dynamic role in all my jobs that I have dome till now. I want to further my career in the supply-chain management system.

(This is ideally the first section of your resume and the prospective employer would be attracted to it.)


[In this section, insert all your job and/or work experiences. This should ideally be mentioned in the reverse chronological order i.e. your last employment would come first followed by all preceding employment.]

  • From ______ (month) ______  (year) to ______ (month) ______  (year), worked as ___________________________ at ________________________ (name of the company). Key responsibilities included _________________________________ (mention the responsibilities that you were asked to carry out).

(Add to the list if you have other work experience. Also mention in the respective places if you have earned any employee laurels for your performance. This would vastly enhance your prospects of landing the job.)


  • Passed high school in the year ___________  with _________ (state the percentage of marks obtained) from ________________________________ (name of the school).
  • Obtained a degree in ___________  (name of the subject) with _________ (state the percentage of marks obtained) from ________________________________ (name of the college or university.)

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