Office Receptionist CV Template

The work of an office receptionist involves some basic public relations functions. These include greeting the general public, customers, visitors and various other parties that usually arrive at an office. Other functions include answering the phone, directing calls to the respective departments, giving information on the products and services offered by the company and execute some general administrative duties.

Calling public services in case of emergency like the fire, police and ambulance, are also required. In order to draft an effective resume for this position, one can make use of an office receptionist CV template.

Sample Office Receptionist CV Template


PERSONAL INFORMATION: [here mention all the required fields for personal details. Don’t leave out any vital information]

Name of the Applicant:

Contact number of the applicant:

Permanent and/or residential address of the applicant:

Local address of the applicant:

Present employment status (if any): [not to be included in case the applicant is a fresher just of a college or university]

Date of birth of the applicant:


My career goals involve helping out the office administration in the most effective way. I have acquired all the key competencies required to excel in the present job.

The objectives of my career involve assisting the management and operations in every possible way. I am interested in a position where I would be able to exercise my acquired skills of _______________ [mention all the proficiencies that you possess to acquire the job position]


  • Obtained a graduate degree in _______________ [mention the subject in which you majored] from _________________________ [name of the institution] in the year______
  • Passed high school from ______________________ [name of the institution] in the year________
  • _________________________ [mention any other advanced professional qualifications that you may have acquired over time]


  • Has acquired knowledge on ____________ [mention the computer subject in which you have acquired the skills. Also include the certifications you received in this regard]


  • ____________-__________ [mention the complete period of training]: Undergone a training on ___________ [name of the course] from ___________ [mention the name of the institute]

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