Office Clerk CV Template

The office clerk is responsible for maintaining office operations via receipt and distribution of communication. The office clerk maintains supplies and equipment, picks up and delivers items and services customers. He also checks stocks for determining the inventory levels, anticipates requirements, places and expedites orders, verifies receipts and performs sundry other clerical functions.

Sample Office Clerk CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Full Name of the applicant:

                                                  Permanent address:

Email id:

Date of birth:

Contact number:

[State in details all the personal data of the applicant]

Career Objectives:

I have all the requisite skills necessary for handling the duties and responsibilities entrusted to me. I possess adequate knowledge of various office processes and can also effectively handle lower management functions.

__________________ [you can mention in details all your career objectives so as to convince your prospective employed that you are the most suitable applicant for the job]

Educational Qualification:

  • Passed junior school from ___________ [name of the institution] in year ____________
  • Passed senior school from _____________[name of the institution] in year ____________
  • _________________ [specify any other professional qualification that you have earned after passing out from senior school. If not then leave out this part]
  • _________________  [specify all other educational degrees, if any, that you have acquired over the years]

Computer Knowledge:

Earned ____________________ [mention the name of the certificate/diploma that you have earned] from ________________________ [name of the institution], in the year _______. [It’s desirable for a office clerk to have a working knowledge of MS Office thought it’s not mandatory in many organizations]

Professional experience acquired:

[Mention all the professional experiences that you may have acquired]

_______________ [designation of the job] – _________to ________ [state all the years and the months in the respective places] in ________________________ [name the institution/organization where you have worked]

  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________

[Add further to this section if you have other experience to talk about]

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