Respiratory Therapist CV Template

A Respiratory Therapist is specialized therapist who practices the diagnosis and treatment of people suffering heart and lungs problem. With the provision of a vital role in healthcare, a Respiratory Therapist CV should initiate a well built role of a therapist in their duties of successful treatments of heart diseases and other respiratory issues, with proper care and life support for their patients. A relevant work experience and degree is highly needful.

Sample Respiratory Therapist CV Template


John Masson

Addle Street

Bridgewood Lane 4566

Phone number: 009-877-654

Email address:

Career objective

In search to obtain a position of a Respiratory Therapist, where my previous work and relevant educational experience can help me enhance my desired skills and expertise needed to become a successful therapist at your organization and achieving successful outcomes as expected.

Highlights of Qualifications

  • Positive interaction with staff, physicians, patients and their family members
  • Committed to the practice of through the professional process and providing excellent communication role with confidence
  • Expertise in taking responsibility while working under pressure and handling competing tasks

Professional Experience

Los Angeles Memorial Hospital

Respiratory Therapist

May 2009- Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Understood and carried out the different diagnostic and rehabilitative functions in caring for all the patients
  • Monitor the patient’s progress and update the respiratory care plan
  • Responsible for providing technical support for all the respiratory equipment
  • Maintain a day-to-day accurate record of the patient’s documents

Butte Hospital

Respiratory Therapist

August 2006- December 2010

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Consult with physicians and other healthcare professionals regarding the patient’s status
  • Protect confidential information of patients from unauthorized person
  • A source of education for parents and families in relation to the patient’s disease and its required medication
  • Provide staff education on the basis of respiratory therapy
  • Work in line with the safety measures and quality assurance standards


Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care

Luton Campus


Associate Degree

California College


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