Medical Oncologist CV Template

Medical Oncologists are the professionals in the field of medicine who deal with the analysis, diagnosis and treating cancer. This job requires the thorough knowledge of a person in medicine especially in the field of cancer. They deal with various strategic measures for reducing the symptoms or treating cancer diseases with the help of latest techniques and inventions designed for these purposes. They have to work as professionals with management skills also as they have to lead a team of medical professionals working for the treatment of cancer.

 Sample Medical Oncologist CV Template


Jane Parker

1001 Flamine bridge
South Carolina RV7390

Phone number – 173-234-0019

Email Id:

Professional Summary

A successful and multi talented achiever in the medical profession which deals with the area of a growing disease like cancer. Strong research capabilities which can serve as a backbone to the medical industry in dealing with such diseases and overcome them with strong desire.

Career Objective

To obtain a position of Medical Oncologist in a fastest growing medical organization dealing with the diseases like cancer and this will help me to contribute my skills and knowledge towards the cause of uprooting cancer from the society.

Prominent Skills

  • Wide experience of seven years.
  • Excellent knowledge of medical tools and techniques in my field.
  • Deep knowledge of the cancer causing and treating measures.
  • Strong hold on Communication and demonstration skills.
  • Capability to lead large teams with ability to take initiative.
  • Strong will power and passion towards the profession.

Major Responsibilities

  • Contribute towards the research department in the organization.
  • Diagnose, analyze and treat the disease by using correct degree of treatment.
  • Provide appropriate guidelines to the patient.
  • Dealing with chemotherapy and other medical treatment.

Work Experience

St. Georges hospital, Oklahoma
Insurance manager 2004 – Present

Education Qualification

  • Degree in Doctor of Medicine (MD), 2004
  • Bachelors degree in Science, 2000


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