Cardiologist CV template

A cardiologist is a doctor who treats all sort of ailments related to the heart and also the cardiovascular system. His duty is to check the condition of the patient and try to diagnose the ailment he is suffering from. The position of a cardiologist is an important one so it is important that the individual applying for this position has a nice and accurate resume.

A cardiologist CV template is a document that gives the structure of how the resume of an individual applying for a cardiologist’s job should be drafted. It is necessary that the individual refer to the template in order to prepare the accurate resume.

Sample Cardiologist CV template


Cardiologist CV 

______________________ [name of the applicant]

_________________________________ [address of the applicant]

__________________________ [landline number]

_____________________ [mobile phone number]

Career goal:

To work in the position of a cardiologist and make a career as a successful and reputed cardiologist and contribute to the health care industry. I want to apply ______________________ [specify the particular skills and knowledge that the applicant wants to apply]

Professional excellence summary:

  • Acquired _____________________ [particular achievement] from ____________________ [name of the governing body] in the year ______________
  • Have practiced _____________________ [various medical fields or subjects in which the applicant has practiced] in the year ______________
  • Obtained ______________________ [achievement made] from ________________ [name of the governing body] in the year ______________

Educational background:

  • Achieved Doctor of Medicine from ______________________ [name of the medical school] in the year _________________
  • Achieved Bachelor of Science from ______________________ [name of the university] in the year ___________________

Professional background:

  • Worked as a cardiologist in ________________________ [name of the health care facility] from ___________________ [date of joining] to __________________ [date of leaving]. My job responsibilities were:





[mention in details all the specific job functions of the applicant]

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