Camera Operator CV Template

Camera Operators are the professionals who provide a great assistance to the Director of Photography for the proper art direction, evaluation of the composition of the performance, camera movement so as to create the cinematic experience. They endeavor for all the important tasks like preparing and setting up of camera equipments which makes them enables to form a rigid and firm support for the whole department.

Sample Camera Operator CV Template


Chris Gonzalez

3794 Brindston Walken
Colorado  AV 3390

Phone number – 110-900-017

Email Id:

Professional Summary

Being a passionate and a hard worker with over seven years of experience, I seek to take a position as a Camera Operator in a well reputed and renowned organization where I can create an enthusiastic environment for the team with my skills and talent.

Career Aim

Extremely enthusiastic as a Camera Operator to join a company dealing with media and journalism which will provide a striking growth in my career as well as contribute to the growth of the organization itself.

Work Experience

Allienative news, Kelmania
Camera Operator, 2005 – 2012

Professional Duties

  • Responsible for handling technical features of light, film, filters, films and camera settings.
  • Handled editing in the recorded sessions and the shoots.
  • Responsible for operating zoom lenses and change images according to rehearsal instructions and plan.
  • Assisting the department head in the various events.
  • Test, maintain and clean the equipment for getting proper working.
  • Ensuring the smooth airing of the programs.
  • Responsible for handling the administrative tasks.

Relevant Skills

  • Well versed with Media production strategies.
  • Able to combine creativity with technical skills
  • Excellent sense of visual composition, movement and perspective
  • Creativity and problem resolving skills.
  • Ability to work as an integral part of the team.
  • Strong hold on communication skills.
  • Excellent physical co-ordination and strength.
  • Updated knowledge of current affairs and news.

Education Qualification

  • Degree in Mass communication, 2005
  • Diploma in Journalism, 2004


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