Broadcast Journalism CV Template

A broadcast journalism CV template is used to make a resume by someone who wants to work as an editor or a reporter in a news channel. Broadcast journalism is one of the most popular careers chosen by people today and hence the completion is also very high.

Because of this, the CV template must be written in such a way that the skills, qualifications and experience of the person are highlighted clearly. This will help the potential employer know about the candidate and help the latter create a good impression.

Sample Broadcast Journalism CV Template:




Residential Address:

Phone Number:


Date of birth:

Current Employment Status Seeking for:

Career Objective:

I wish to work in the field of broadcast journalism with a well-known news channel where I can utilize my reporting skills, technical knowledge of operating the camera and editing and tenacity to handle cases of any beat, especially the crime beat [specify the skills that the concerned applicant wishes to implement and that matches with the job requirement]

Educational Background:

  • Secured a high school degree in the year ____________, scoring ______ [mention marks]
  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree in ______ [name subject] in the year ____________, scoring ______ [mention marks]
  • Obtained a degree in broadcast journalism the year ____________, scoring ______ [mention marks]
  • ______________ [mention any additional qualifications acquired by the candidate which is relevant to this particular job]


  • Excellent [mention certain interpersonal skills]
  • Very good at [mention certain technical skills required for this post]

Work Experience: [Detail the earlier job experiences acquired by the candidate]

  1. ________ to  ________, Worked as ___________ [specify the job designation served by the candidate earlier on the particular organization] at ___________ [name of the organization]

Duties performed:

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________

Additional information:

  • [Mention any other information that is related to this job and will create a good impression]

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