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A marketing executive CV should be prepared in a similar way as you would prepare a sales and marketing CV. The first step towards preparing a marketing executive CV that will land you an interview is researching the organization being applied to and the position being applied for. With this information you will be able to select those skills and attributes that should receive more emphasis.

Even with extensive work experience, it is important that your marketing executive CV match the requirements and needs of the organization. Find out their client base and their products and services. Show that your skills are just what the firm needs to sell their products or services. 

Sample Marketing Executive CV 

Marty Green 


A hardworking, result-oriented person who believes that no challenge is impossible.

Fun loving, team leader who believes that the marketing career chose him, and could do the job for free.  


Be a better Management Executive in leading by example, setting the pace and delegating where necessary.

Providing new and exciting ways to conduct the profession that marketing is.

Breaking the traditional barriers and transcending established rules to better the practice 


1999–2003: Mayhem Magazine 

South Beach, MI

Sales & Marketing Manager

• Conducted a marketing plan that had the firm increase sales from $5 million to $11 million.

• Targeted sales heralded the development of a new league of marketing management trainees that I now head.

• Suggested new product Sales ideas that boosted production based on increased earnings during last year’s slow growth at the beginning of the inflation period. 

1993–1999: Olive flame Cosmetics

South Beach, MI

Direct Sales Manager

• Developed new strategies for the direct sales department

• Increased direct sales from $2 million to $5 million monthly average.

• Upped our direct sales consultants from a total of 250 to 1756.

• Conducted training sessions for new sales consultants around the state. 

1990–1992: Meadow Heights Distribution

South Beach, MI

Sales Assistant Recruiter

• Recruited and trained new sales assistants.

• Initialized distribution commissions for each sales assistant.

• Increased annual sales as head of sales team. 


1986–1989: South Beach University   South Ridge, MI

B.A., Commerce and Entrepreneurship. Graduated summa cum laude. 


Computers, Mentorship and Motivation activities, Coordinating Team building Retreats 


Soccer, Athletics, fishing, Boat racing, Chess, Computer games


Jamoe Price

Owner, Mayhem Magazine,

8794879 Boulevard Drive

South Beach, Miami

8128387400, 0800342563

Federico Cass,

Head of Distribution and Marketing,

Meadow Heights Distribution,


South Beach, Miami


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