Marketing Events Coordinator CV

A marketing events coordinator CV is a document which contains the information about a candidate’s qualifications, experience and skills as a marketing events coordinator.

A potential employer can thus find out if he is suitable for the work by going through his CV. A marketing events coordinator may be hired by companies to organize and publicize big events organized by the company so that all the work goes on smoothly and more people come to know about it.

Sample Marketing Events Coordinator CV:



Applicant’s name:


Phone number:

Email id:

Date of Birth:

[Please write down the personal details of the applicant applying for the post of marketing events coordinator]

Career Objective:

To use my organizational and networking skills to work as a marketing events coordinator with a reputed company or organization where I can contribute by sharing my skills, contacts experience and creativity. I also plan to _____________ [Please elaborate the career objective further so that it is in sync with job requirement]

Educational Background:

  • Passed high school degree from _______ [name of the institute] on _________ [give year] with _______ [percentage of marks or grade]
  • Secured Bachelor’s degree in __________ [name subject] from _________ [name of the institute] on ___ [mention year] with ______ [percentage of marks or grade]
  • ____________ [Please add any other educational degrees or diplomas which have a connection with the job the applicant is applying for or is important enough to be mentioned]

Professional Experience:

[In this section, mention the name or names of every organization with which the candidate has worked earlier, the year, responsibilities, projects handled, what kind of events he organized etc.]

  • Worked as _________[name of the job position] with ________________ [name of the organization] during ____ [mention time period] where I had to ____________ [specify the duties performed] for the ______ [name of event which was marketed]

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