Entry Level Marketing CV Template

An entry level marketing CV template is used to make a CV by someone who is fresh out of college and is looking for a job or internship in the field of marketing. An entry-level marketing resume will not have a lot work experience and so the CV must focus on the candidate’s interpersonal skills, technical knowledge, computer skills, qualifications, career goals and any internship experience and accomplishments relevant to this job.

Sample Entry Level Marketing CV Template


PERSONAL INFORMATION: [Fill up the required fields with information on personal details]

Applicant’s name:

Residential Address:

Phone number:

Email ID:

Employment Status:

Date of Birth:


My objective is to acquire an entry-level job in the field of marketing with a respectable organization where I can utilize my skills of ______________ [mention the qualities that one possesses for acquiring the intended job position] in order to perform better and learn new skills.


  • Obtained high school degree from ________________ [name of the institute] in the year ____________.securing ____ [percentage of marks]
  • Obtained bachelor’s degree from ________________ [name of the institute] in the year ____________.securing ____ [percentage of marks]
  • _________________________ [mention any other professional degrees obtained by the candidate]


  • [Mention the various skills the applicant feels is important for this job; they can range from communication and negotiation, ability to work and be on the field to knowledge of market trends, industry principles and consumer behavior]


  • ____________ to __________ [specify the employment period]: Worked as an intern in ___________ [specify the name of the organization] where my primary duties were _________ [mention job responsibilities and work done during previous internship]


  • [Mention any other information about the candidate like any academic accomplishments or awards won at competitions and so on which will highlight his capabilities help him secure a job in this post]

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