Supply Chain Manager CV Template

Supply chain manager CV template is a handy document that can be used by an applicant applying for the job post of a supply chain manager by just filling his/her details against the mentioned fields. Supply chain manager has to look after all the raw materials that are being processed in and out of the organization.

As a supply chain manager, one has to be skilled with the tactics of production decisions, quality of inventory and transportation strategies.

Sample supply chain manager CV template

                                                                           CURRICULUM  VITAE

   Personal Information:

Applicant’s name:


Phone number:

Email id:

Date of Birth:

Languages known:

Employment Status:

[specify the personal details of the applicant]

Career Objective:

With a profound knowledge in________________ and ____________ [mention applicant’s skills that are required for the intended job post], I wish to pursue my career as a supply chain manager in an esteemed organisation like yours.

 Educational Background:

  • Did schooling from ____________ [name of the institution] in the year ____________ [specify the year of completion].
  • Achieved the Bachelor’s Degree in __________[ stream in which degree is completed] from _________________ [name of the University] in the year ____________ [specify the year of completion of Bachelor’s degree]
  • _______________________
  • _________________________ [Mention all the other educational qualifications that has been acquired by the candidate]

Awards and achievements  

  • Awarded as ________________[ mention the award position] in the year __________[ year in which applicant received the award] from ________________ institute [ specify the organisation which awarded the award]
  • During my completion of __________ degree[ name of the degree] I was awarded with ______________[ mention the award applicant received] by ____________[ name of the institution from where you have been awarded] in the year _______________[ specify the year in which applicant was awarded]

In addition, I have won _____________ and _____________ awards [name/position of the award] during my earlier employment period at _______________ [name of the organisation your worked earlier] in the year _______________ [mention the year].

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