Regional Manager CV Template

A regional manager is responsible to look after the complete management of the regional office of an organization. He is responsible to look after the day to day tasks of the regional office he is employed at and also report the same to the senior management at the head office.

Regional manager CV template is a readily available document that is drafted in a form of a resume with empty fields that can be filled by the applicants applying for the job post of a regional manager.

Sample Regional Manager CV Template


Personal Summary [To be filled by the applicant in block letters]


Residential Address:

Mobile Number:


Date of Birth:


Current Employment Status:

Career Objective:

Aspiring for a job where I can prove my ability and knowledge in _________________ [mention the skill sets required for the job and also the area of expertise in the field]

Educational Qualifications:

  • Successfully completed the Bachelor’s degree of  __________ [specify the achieved bachelor’s degree] in ________ [mention the year of completion of the degree] from __________________ [Name of the institute] in ___________ [place where the institute is located]
  • Completed the schooling from ____________ [mention the name of the school] in the year _________ [Year of completion of schooling].


  • Impressive communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Committed to quality innovation.
  • Capable of handling a team
  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________ [mention all other the areas of expertise ]

Computer Skills:

  • Done a two year computer course in _______________ [mention the name of the course] from ________________________ [ name of the institute]
  • Underwent a training in ______________ [mention the name of the programming language] from _____________________ [name of the institute] in the year ____________ [year of completion of the training]

Work Experience:

Currently working in the post of _________________ [mention the post] since __________ [number of years] in the _________________ [name of the organisation].

Job Duties involve the following:

  • __________________
  • ________________
  • _________________
  • _________________

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