Market Research Manager CV

A market research manager candidate is one who has expertise in handling statistical research. The candidate performs activities such as excellent management, organizing, interpersonal and communication skills which make the market research activity successful. Due to the high amount of competition present in the marketing field the candidate must persistently provide timely and actionable findings.

The work of a market research manager includes qualitative research, quantitative research, market assessment, product ideation, concept testing, pricing and testing, and follow customer retention and market size. The candidate is expected to execute his strategic approaches that involve one-on-one relationship with consumers and employees.

He has to deliver various insights through research work, projects, internal sales data and competitive intelligence. A good resume for a market research manager is very significant. Following is the example of a market research manager CV.


Name of the Applicant [Complete details of candidate must be specified here. Add address, telephone number, and email address below after providing complete name.]

Communication Address :

Contact Details :

Email Address :

Professional Profile :

[Write the work experience here]

This section must contain the description about the professional work experience of the candidate along with his technical know-how on market research field.

Education :

[Provide the Educational background in this segment:]

Job position of the candidate –

Work Experience of the candidate –

Further explanation of the job position –

Job position of the candidate –

Work Experience of the candidate –

Further explanation of the job position –

Additional Information:

[Provide any information that has not been added in above blocks. Add awards and prizes won by the candidate.]

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________


The candidate must mention his professional recognitions and awards in this section. These achievements must emphasize upon his professional growth in the field of market research


Provide the reference if asked by the employer

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