Junior Project Manager CV template

A junior project manager is a person who is responsible to assist the managers in various projects. These types of candidates are employed in all types of industry including manufacturing, construction, consulting and others. In order to work in this job position, a well drafted resume plays a very important role and it can be created with the help of a junior project manager CV template.

Sample Junior Project Manager CV template

Personal Details:  [To be entered by the candidates in block letters]


Residential Address:

Phone Number:

Mobile Number:

Marital Status:


Current Employment Status Seeking for:


With my strong knowledge in _________________ [mention the skills that matches with the job requirements and specify the expertise that the applicant wishes to implement], I wish to apply for the job post of a junior project manager.
Educational Background

  • Successfully completed my training at _________________ [name of the institution] in _____________ [name of the field in which the training has been done] in the year ____________ [year of completion of the training].
  • Completed Bachelor’s of ________[ name of the bachelors degree]  from ____________[ name of the institution] in the year ____________[ year of completion]
  • Completed the _________ degree [name of the other degree] in year ________ [specify the year of completion] from ____________ [name of the institution].

Areas of expertise

  • Expert and experienced in handling clients.
  • On-time delivery of final reports, file works and procedures.
  • Proper coordination and training to staff members
  • ________________________
  • ________________________ [ mention all the other capabilities and proficiencies of the candidate]

Professional Affiliations

The institute of ______________________ [name of the organisation by which the candidate has been affiliated] has professionally affiliated me for my outstanding performance in the year _______________ [specify the year in which the applicant received his/her professional affiliation].

Work Experience:

Name of the job post held Name of the Company Joining Date Leaving Date Job Duties/Responsibilities
XXXX XXXX dd/mm/yyyy dd/mm/yyyy XXXXXX


XXXX XXXX dd/mm/yyyy dd/mm/yyyy XXXXXX


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