Graduate Project Manager CV

A graduate project manager fulfils the requirements of clients and works hard to complete the project on time and within a fixed budget. The candidate is expected to lead his team to deliver the best of results apart from representing the client’s interests to follow the project objective.

The other duties that the candidate is expected to fulfill are advising the management about projects, organizing professionals for the project, provide risk assessment and also make use of technology to track the activities of people working in the project. .

A graduate project manager also recruits specialists and sub-contractors, and monitors their work to ensure that they meet the guidelines and a sample CV is provided below.


[Name of the Applicant the complete name as well as address of the person must be written in the first segment. Write authenticated and updated details as this is the interface that’s used by the employers to speak to the candidate. ]

Communication Address :

Contact Details :

Email Address :

Professional Profile:

[Provide a detailed history about the work experience. A significant segment of resume as the employers will judge you on the basis of the work handled and will allot the work accordingly.]

Designation : ____________

Company’s Name : ____________

Years of service : ____________

Areas of Expertise : ____________

Education :

[Give a detailed background of the education of the applicant starting with the latest and going down till high school]

• Acquired Bachelor’s degree from ________________ [name of the institute/ university] in the year ____________ [mention year of completion here].

• _________________________ [mention if any other professional certifications have been obtained by the applicant].

Additional Information:

[Give any other information that is relevant to the profession of graduate project manager. Add skills and awards in this section.]

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________


[At least two references from past work experience must be added here].

1. __________________

2. __________________

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