Graduate Construction Manager CV

The job of a graduate construction manager is challenging and rewarding at the same time. A graduate construction manager works in the field of construction.

The primary duties of a graduate construction manager are work coordination with the other workers on the construction site, timely completion of work, update of inventory required for construction etc. The construction manager should be a team player, effective communicator and great supporter to construction staff members.

The candidate is also required to handle budget, cost control, site management, negotiation, tender managements etc. It is an appealing career option which needs an attractive CV to get through the employers eye. Here is a sample for the graduate construction manager CV:



Name of the Applicant [The complete name of the applicant should be specified here and the address and contact details below].

Communication Address :

Contact Details :

Email Address :

Professional Profile:

[The candidate must give the details about the professional experience on various construction companies. This must provide a brief description of his know-how about the construction work]

Designation : ____________

Company’s Name : ____________

Years of service : ____________

Areas of Expertise : ____________

Designation : ____________

Company’s Name : ____________

Years of Service : ____________

Areas of Expertise : ____________

Education :

[Starting with the latest educational qualification till the high school, give all the details about the course, university/college, year of passing and marks obtained]

• Acquired Bachelors degree in Construction Management from ________________ [name of the institute/ university] in the year ____________ [mention year of completion here].

• _________________________ [mention if any other professional certifications have been obtained by the applicant].


[Give details about the various projects handled in the field of construction]

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________


[Provide at least two references from past work experience].

1. __________________

2. __________________

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