Assistant Manager CV Template

As an assistant manager is a person who is required to supervise the manager in his day to day projects, file works and other associated job ventures.

As a responsible employee of an organisation, an assistant manager should be highly focussed, directional and decisive. An assistant manager CV template is a ready to use document that can be customised by an applicant by mentioning all the required details.

Sample Assistant manager CV template


Personal Information  [An applicant is required to fill the personal details]

Applicant’s name:

Residential Address:

Mobile number:


Email ID:

Current Employment Status: Employed/Unemployed

Date of Birth:

Languages known:


Seeking for a job position of an assistant manager so that I get an opportunity to use my skills of _____________ and _____________ to the fullest. [Applicant has to mention his skill sets that are required for the proposed job]

Educational Background

  • Successfully attained the Bachelor’s Degree in ____________ [specify the achieved bachelor’s degree] from the University of [name of the institute] __________ in the year _______  year of completion]
  • Achieved Masters in ______________[name of the course] from ____________[name of the institute] in year _____________ [year of completion of master’s degree]

Working Experiences

[ A brief mention of all the jobs and professional experiences along with the duties being fulfilled are cited by the applicant]

1.Worked as  _____________ [mention your job post] from __________ to _______ [ mention the job tenure] at _____________ [specify the name of the company where the candidate was employed]

Duties: [Specify the duties that are being performed by the candidate, attached to the position]

1: ____________________



2. Worked at ____________ [name of the company] from __________ to ___________[ mention the job tenure] as a ____________[mention the job post ]

Duties: [Specify the duties that are being performed by the candidate, attached to the position]




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