Affiliate Manager CV Template

An affiliate manager is a skilled employee who is responsible to run and administer all the affiliate programmes by tracking the loans, purchases, commissions and sales of an organisation.

Thus, a person applying for a job of an affiliate manager must specify his skill sets and proficiencies that are required for the post in his resume. Affiliate manager CV template best fulfils this purpose by providing a readymade format for the resume.

Sample Affiliate Manager CV Template



Personal Details: [applicant need to fill his/her personal details in this section]


Residential Adders:

Mobile Number:

Telephone Number:

Date of Birth:



Current employment status: Employed/Unemployed


I wish to work as an affiliate manager in a reputed organisation like yours where I can make best use of my ________________[ name of the skill sets acquired by the candidate]

Skill Summary:

  • Track record of producing innovative business profits.
  • Good Communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Impressive management skills.
  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________ [mention all other areas of expertise]

Technical Skills:

  • Word Processors – Microsoft word.
  • Operating systems- Windows XP, Vistas, Linux.
  • _____________________
  • _____________________ [mention all other technical skill sets]


Master’s Degree in ______________ [mention the name of the degree] [Mention the name of the institute] [Mention the year of completion of the degree] [Mention the total aggregate]
Bachelor’s degree in ______________ [mention the name of the degree] [Mention the name of the institute] [Mention the completion year of the degree] [Mention the total aggregate]
Schooling from ___________ [mention the name of the school] [Mention the year of completion of the school] [Mention the total aggregate]

 Professional Affiliations:

The institute of __________________________________ [mention the name of the institute by which the candidate has been affiliated] has professionally affiliated me for the outstanding performance in the year __________________________ [mention the year in which the candidate is affiliated].

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