Engineering Management CV Template

An engineering management CV template is the fundamental structure which is used to create a resume by someone who wants to work as an engineering manager. The template lays down all the skills, knowledge and work experience required by an applicant who is interested for this job.

An engineering manager has a supervisory role and has to monitor the activities of a number of engineers or technicians in an organization to see if they are meeting the company’s goals.

Sample Engineering Management CV Template


Applicant’s name:


Phone number:

Email id:

Date of Birth:

[Please write down the personal details of the applicant applying for the post of engineer manager]

Career Objective:

To use my technical knowledge, leadership skills and experience that I have gathered over the years in securing a job in the field of engineering management where I can take charge of various projects and work directly with other engineers or scientists _____________ [Please elaborate the career objective further if required so that it is in sync with job requirement]

Educational Background:

  • Passed high school degree from _______ [name of the institute] on _________ [give year] with _______ [percentage of marks or grade]
  • Secured Bachelor’s degree in _________ [mention subject] from _________ [name of the institute] on ___ [mention year] with ______ [percentage of marks or grade]
  • ____________ [Please add any other educational degrees or diplomas which have a connection with the job the applicant is applying for or is important enough to be mentioned]

Professional Experience:

[In this section, mention the names of every organization where the candidate has worked earlier, the time period and his basic job duties.]

  • Worked as _________[name of the job position] at ________________ [name of the organization] during ____ [mention time period] where I had to ____________ [specify the duties performed like writing performance reviews, hiring new employees, monitoring deadlines etc]

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